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(2) suitcases from Cochin to Istanbul -- slow is ok
i have 2 boxes/cases to ship from cochin, india to istanbul turkey. each box weighs approx 19kg and is 26"x26"x10" in size. the contents are bicycle parts which are sturdy but need to be treated w/c ...
International Excess baggage to Thailand
Within the next two weeks, I must travel to Bangkok on business. This business trip will last a minimum of 6 weeks as I must have meetings with each of our business partners and customers in the count ...
International Excess baggage to Jordan
I am preparing to take a business trip next month from my employer's primary office ate Rome, Italy. I am here to ask for information I will need about shipping international excess baggage to Jordan. ...
International Excess baggage to Liechtenstein
Next month, I am traveling from my main office in Bogota, Colombia on business. Since I will be in Europe for the next several weeks, I will have to take more luggage than I would on a normal business ...
International Excess baggage to Macedonia
Hello and thank you for responding to my inquiry into international excess baggage to Macedonia. I must travel to Macedonia next month on business. My journey will begin at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am ...
Excess baggage from Manila to Jakarta Indonesia
Hi, I would like to get a quote on how much does it cost to ship an excess baggage of 1 balikbayan box weighing 10 kilos consists of used clothings and personal effects. Please give me a quote also f ...
International Excess baggage to Malaysia
I am traveling from my main office at Rome, Italy, on a business trip next month. As I am also traveling with some extra baggage, I am here to ask for information about international excess baggage to ...
International Excess baggage to Costa Rica
I am here to ask a few questions about how does shipping international excess baggage to Costa Rica work, and how can I arrange for this service. Are there any limitations of how many bags that I can ...
International Excess baggage to Luxembourg
Thanks for responding to my post. I need information about shipping international excess baggage to Luxembourg. I must travel from my main office here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the United States on ...
International Excess baggage to Hong Kong
If there is anyone here who has the knowledge, I would like information about international excess baggage to Hong Kong. Within the information you will send, please include your response to my questi ...
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