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The International Excess Baggage directory is the quintessential site for finding the optimal delivery company for your next excess baggage shipment. These companies have expertise on a national and/or international level and with shipping services that include express shipping, international shipping and air cargo.Simply browse by country or by category to find the one who you feel will best deliver your excess baggage safely.

Use the map below to select the country for your Excess Baggage:

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Finding an Excess Baggage Company
Choosing from country list below is the first step towards your beginning to receive quotes from leading excess baggage delivery firms. Remember, these companies should be able to give you the chance to choose between how, when and where you want your shipment delivered. You are the boss!
Comparing Excess Baggage Companies
It is vital that you make it clear to your excess baggage shipper what the contents of your excess baggage are as some companies may not ship selected items. Most firms can provide you with a comprehensive listing of what they will or won't allow, so if in doubt, consult them immediately.

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