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My company requests information on express air cargo to France. If your company is experienced in this, we would appreciate your sending us information on how it is best to proceed with this. We only require cargo services for one pallet of goods. These products are not fragile and are already packed. We simply need to add them to a pallet for your truck to pick up and take to the air cargo terminal at Newark, New Jersey in the United States. The final destination is Nice, France. When you send your information, please include current pricing, delivery schedules, direct contact information, and a copy of your service contract. Will your company deliver the products to the final destination? Or do you contract a different company for this purpose? If so, we would like to be aware of this as we always like to be aware of those we do business. Please email us at our posted email address as soon as possible. We will reply to your message regardless of which air cargo service we contract to deliver our product. Thanks.