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International Air cargo to Portugal


Does your company provide international air cargo to Portugal? I must ship a box of car parts from Richmond, Virgina, in the United States to Lisbon, Portugal. The boxes are too heavy to ship by the regular shipping methods. The box is about 5 ft in length by 4 ft wide. It is also about 3 ft deep. It weighs 110 pounds. The car parts are already packed and the box is ready for shipment. Does your company provide pickup service? The box is too heavy for one person to carry, so we think it would be best to arrange for a truck to come to our business to pick it up. Do you have a rate sheet that you can email us? Would you also send us your schedule for delivery? Does your company deliver the cargo once it arrives at its destination, or must we arrange for another carrier to pick it up at your terminal and complete the delivery? The package should arrive within two weeks, so the sooner we have your information, the sooner we can work out the details for this shipment. Thanks.