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Air cargo to Poland from Japan


My company is located just outside of Tokyo, Japan, and we must arrange air cargo to Poland from Japan shipping services. We normally send these shipments by ocean container, but our customer needs these machine parts right away. If your company can deliver this shipment within the next two weeks, then we want to make contact with you as soon as possible. We will have the shipment packaged, palletized, and shrink-wrapped for the journey. However, we do need for your company to dispatch a truck to our warehouse for loading. They will then need to take the load to the air cargo terminal for loading onto a cargo aircraft. Can your company perform these requested tasks? With your email, please send us your current rates for these services. Also, please include when you can schedule a pickup at our warehouse. Does your company guarantee a delivery date? We also require a tracking method for this shipment. This is for our customer's use. Can your company provide that tracking number? We look forward to your response, and we look forward to speaking with you in more detail about this shipment.