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International Air cargo to Korea (South)


My company must arrange international air cargo to Korea (South). The shipment includes 4 pallets of laundry detergent. The shipment is already packaged, palletized, and shrink wrapped. Therefore, it is ready for pickup as soon as we can locate an acceptable shipping partner. Can your company pick up this shipment and deliver it to South Korea in a timely manner? We would prefer delivery be completed within the next two weeks. Would this be a problem for your company? What are your current shipping rates? Please include your current rate sheet in the email you send. Please also include any standard shipping schedules that you have on record as well. Will you complete the delivery with your own equipment (trucks and aircraft), or will you source this to another company? Can you guarantee this shipment will arrive at its destination undamaged? Please email us our requested information as well as your company's standard new account information. Thanks.