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International Air cargo to Italy

Good day, mates! I came here in search of a company who has experience in international air cargo to Italy. My company has a shipment of lawn fertilizer that we need to ship to a customer who is located just outside of Rome, Italy. If your company handles such deliveries, then please send your information to my email address as soon as possible. The shipment of lawn fertilizer is already packaged, palletized, and shrink wrapped here at our warehouse just outside of Sydney, Australia. Therefore, if your company can send a truck to pickup the load and deliver it to the air cargo terminal, as well as deliver it to its final destination, that will be great. Now for the details. With your email, please include your current rate sheet, as well as your normal delivery schedules. Please also include any guarantees as to delivery dates. We would also like to review your claims process as well. Can you offer us assurances this shipment will be delivered undamaged? If possible, we want to ship this cargo by the end of this week, so we will appreciate your prompt response.