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Temperature controlled Air cargo to Saudi Arabia

Blavo Pharmaceuticals
Posted by: Unamir Slavo

Thank you for reading my forum post. I have posted here to ask for information from companies who have experience in shipping temperature controlled air cargo to Saudi Arabia. If you do, then please respond to our included email address as soon as possible. My company is preparing to ship 6 pallets of medicines to the hospital at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The medicine must maintain a consistent temperature or it will begin to lost its effectiveness. Therefore, we must be assured that your company can maintain this temperature until it is delivered. Each package will be packaged before it is palletized and will include both temperature controlling materials and a temperature monitoring device. However, it is still crucial the external temperature not be allowed to exceed 100 degrees F or the internal temperature controls may begin to fail. This shipment will be ready for pickup by the end of next week. Can your company pickup this shipment by that time? Please include as much of your shipping information as possible when you email us. Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.