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Posted by: Ivan Khernakov

I have a special request. I need information about shipping oversized air cargo to Ukraine. My company is in the construction business and we are setting up to work on a job site in Ukraine. The equipment we need to move from our just completed job site just outside of Brussels, Belgium, is a street grader. In the past, we have used services that included the use of an AN-224 to airlift this grader. If your company has a better airlift capacity, then please include this with your information kit. With your information kit, please include your current rates. Please also include your delivery schedules as well as how you will arrange to pick this oversized air cargo up at its current location. To reiterate, this is a request for shipping arrangements for oversized air cargo to Ukraine. How soon do you estimate you will deliver this cargo to Ukraine? Do you also include tracking capability for this shipment? Thank you for responding to this inquiry as soon as possible.