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Express Air cargo to Qatar

Huirkem Industries
Posted by: Omar Usetf

I need to ship a couple of crates by express air cargo to Qatar. Yes, the customer in Qatar does need the contents of these crates as soon as possible, so I am requesting the fastest possible service that is available from Paris, France. Can your company deliver these crates by the end of next week? The crates are approximately 1.5 meters in any direction and each crate weighs about 66 kilos. Do you have a rate sheet that lists your current charges for this type of shipment? How do you base your charges, by the weight, or some other method? How quickly can you deliver these crates to Qatar? If it requires an additional fee for an on time delivery, then please advise as to what that fee is and we will pay it. This is how important it is for this shipment to be delivered on time. Thanks for sending this information as soon as possible.