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International Air cargo to Lithuania

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Posted by: Chuck Wilder

Hello and thank you for responding to my inquiry into international air cargo to Lithuania. My employer is preparing a shipment at our warehouse here at Portland, Maine, in the United States. This shipment will include 8 pallets of merchandise that is prepackaged, palletized, shrink wrapped and awaiting pickup. How soon can you schedule a pickup? Although we could have selected container shipping, the customer in Lithuania requested it be shipped by air cargo instead. It seems their facility is near a major airport which will allow them to receive the merchandise sooner. The total shipping weight is 549 pounds including the pallets. So this is a light shipment. How much will you charge for this shipment? Do you have an estimate as to the time to deliver? Do you warrant the shipment will arrive on time and undamaged? Do you provide tracking information? We have the necessary customs paperwork to hand to your pickup driver once the shipment is loaded onto your equipment. Thanks for sending us this info.