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International Air cargo to Kuwait

Bartno Corp
Posted by: Ben Von Wilhelm

Does anyone here represent a company who handles international air cargo to Kuwait who can ship our cargo from Germany? We only have 5 pallets to ship to Kuwait, and after we have carefully reviewed our options we have decided that air cargo would be the most efficient. The 5 pallets will be ready for pickup within 24 hours. How soon can your company arrange for a pickup at our facility at Berlin? Each loaded pallet weighs 245 kilograms. Therefore, the gross weight is 1,225 kilograms. Once you have picked up the cargo, how long do you estimate it will take you to deliver this shipment to Kuwait? Can you deliver it within one week of the time you pick it up? Do you include tracking information? We will provide the necessary customs documents to your driver when they pickup the cargo. Our contact information that is included here is the quickest method to send your information. Thank you for sending it promptly.