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International Air cargo to Czech Republic

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Posted by: Benny Limetez

Are there any companies here who can process a shipment through international air cargo to Czech Republic? I am shipping these 3 pallets of materials from our warehouse just outside of Mexico City, Mexico. So this is where I will need these three pallets picked up. How soon can you begin by scheduling a time for pickup? I hope soon, for the shipment is ready for loading. How soon can you deliver these three pallets of materials to Czech Republic? Each pallet is prepared for shipping, which includes shrink wrapping. Each pallet weighs 453 pounds, for total shipping weight of 1,359 pounds. Is this too much weight for you to ship by air cargo? I was not for certain what the maximum cargo weight for shipping is. Would you be able to provide me with a quote of how much you will charge to ship this with your company? Thanks for sending this information to the email address I have included. I think this will be the quickest contact method for you to use.