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Posted by: Frederick Martinez

Would there be any company representatives who frequent this forum who can provide me with information about international air cargo to Croatia? I am preparing to ship 9 cases of materials to a new customer, and from all appearances this is the quickest mode of transportation between Mexico City, Mexico, and Croatia. Can your company deliver this shipment within the next week to week and a half? Do you guarantee that? Each case is identical in size and weight. The weight of each case is 31 kilograms. The size of each case is 107 cm long, 85 cm wide, and 46 cm deep. How much time do you anticipate it will take you to deliver these cases to our customer in Croatia? Do you offer pickup service, or must I deliver these cases to your local shipping office for processing? Please send your shipping information to the email address that I have included with this posting. It will be the quickest way for me to receive your information. Thank you for sending this.