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Expedited Air cargo to Singapore

Erstuiche Ltd.
Posted by: Harlan Peters

Thanks for allowing me to post my request for information about expedited air cargo to Singapore on your forum. This shipment will have a long way to travel as we are shipping this from our facility at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Therefore, it is imperative that your company have the resources to complete this delivery between these two locations. This is also a rush order, so we must ensure that you will deliver this cargo as soon as possible. Our first two questions are when can you be available for a pickup? And when will you deliver this to Singapore? The cargo includes 5 pallets of machine parts that is packaged, palletized, and prepared for shipping. The gross weight of this shipment is slightly less than 2 metric tonnes. What is your estimated cost to us for shipping this cargo with your company? If you will send this information to the provided email address, it will expedite our receiving it and we will be able to connect with you sooner. Thank you for promptly responding to our inquiry.