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Expedited Air cargo to Slovenia

Posted by: Jerry Adams

We are preparing a shipment to a new customer who is somewhat off of our normal shipping schedules. The shipment is being prepared at our facility at Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. We want to be sure this is delivered to them promptly, so I am posting here to request information about expedited air cargo to Slovenia. If you have such knowledge, then please send your company's shipping information to the included contact information. The shipment consists of one crate. This crate is 16 ft long, 4 ft wide, and 4 ft deep. The gross weight of this crate is 943 pounds. How much do you charge for this kind of shipment? How soon will you be available to schedule a pickup at our warehouse? The customs information will be provided to your driver at the time of pickup. How soon can you deliver this cargo to Slovenia? Can you complete the delivery within one week after you have picked it up? Thank you for your time in responding to my inquiry as soon as possible.