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International Air cargo to Turkey

Posted by: Harry Moore

Might there be someone who is reading this post who can send me information about international air cargo to Turkey? I will be shipping 2 wooden crates from our warehouse here in Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States. The shipment will be ready for a courier to pickup at the middle of next week. How soon will your company be ready to process a pickup? Will your company also complete this delivery? Or will you delegate some portion of it to a different company? Will there be any additional charges, or will your charges be all inclusive? If possible, please include your current pricing and your payment terms with the information you send. Please also include whether you will include any tracking information as well. Since this is an air shipment, are there any special considerations that we must implement while we are preparing this cargo for shipping? Are there any limitations that we must observe? Please use this forum's contact method to forward your information to us. Thank you for responding to this inquiry.