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International Air cargo to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Posted by: Sherry Wilder

The company I work for is located near to Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. We are preparing an international air cargo to Bosnia-Herzegovina and we need information on the best shipping method that is available to us. If you company can provide us with this information as soon as possible, it will assist us in making the right choice of shipping. The cargo to be shipped includes several cases of machine parts. These machine parts are sorted and stacked onto 7 pallets. While the weight of each pallet is different, the combined weight of these 7 pallets is 4,302 pounds. When will your company be available for a pickup? Will your company be the only company handling this shipment? Or will there be other companies involved? Is it possible for you to include an estimate of the shipping charges? Will you deliver this cargo within one week after you have picked it up? I will look forward to reading the information you send. Please send it to the email address I have provided here. Thank you.