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Expedited Air cargo to Belize

Posted by: Sharon Hunt

I am posting to this forum to ask for specific information about expedited air cargo to Belize. This cargo is especially time sensitive so I must ask for your guarantee that you will deliver this cargo on time to our customer. Is there an additional charge for this level of guaranteed delivery service? This cargo will be loaded onto one pallet at our warehouse here in Shreveport, Louisiana, in the United States. This pallet has the gross weight of 1,393 pounds. Do you have a rate schedule that will indicate what your shipping charges include? Are there any other charges that will be added onto the base shipping rate? Since this cargo will be ready for shipping by the beginning of next week, how soon can your company schedule a pickup? I cannot emphasize enough that this is a time sensitive shipment. We are only interested in connecting with companies who can provide a guaranteed on time delivery. Thank you for understanding this stipulation, and for sending us your company's shipping information.