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Expedited Air cargo to Pakistan

Posted by: Angilberto Munguia

I am searching for information from a reputable shipping company who can send me information about shipping expedited air cargo to Pakistan. My company is shipping 3 crates of machine parts from our warehouse in Bilbao, Spain. The cargo is ready to ship by the end of next week. Will your company be available for a pickup by then? Will you require an advanced notification before the desired pickup day? Do you have any special rules or procedures that we should follow when we package the contents into these 3 crates? Is it possible for you to provide your current shipping rates so that we may have an idea of how much you will charge? Do you offer a guaranteed delivery day or time? What will happen if you miss the scheduled delivery day or time? If the shipment is damaged during shipping, what will you do? Will you provide a restitution for the declared value of the damaged shipment? Is it possible for us to track this shipment while it is in transit? The email address included will be the fastest method for you to send this information. Thank you for responding.