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Express Air cargo to Malta

Posted by: Haytham Naser

I am working for a company located at Bahrain. Thanks to an order that has just arrived, I must now ask for information about express air cargo to Malta from a company who can process such a request. This shipment will only be one small box. The box is about the size of double shoe boxes, and the weight will be less than two kilograms. How is it possible for me to arrange for a pickup with your company next week at our warehouse? Who must I contact at your company to discuss this shipment if I continue to have questions after I have read your information that you will send to my email address? Is it okay if we will prepay for our shipping charges? What methods of payment will you accept? Since we must contract for express shipping, I must ask how soon will you deliver this to Malta? Will you be able to promise a delivery by a specific day and time? Is this route a part of your normal shipping routes?