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Express Air cargo to Macedonia

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Posted by: Clemente Mistretta

I work for a company that is located at Brooklyn, New York, United States. We are preparing to ship a package and we need information about express air cargo to Macedonia in order to satisfactorily complete it. The cargo will be included in a wooden crate. This crate will weigh 749 pounds. Its size will be 6 ft long, 3.5 ft wide, and 4 ft deep. Is it possible for you to provide an estimate of how much you will charge to complete this delivery? Is it necessary for us to have an account set up before we can offer you this shipment for delivery? If so, then please send us a list of what documents we must provide for this purpose, as well as your email address or fax number. Does your company offer a tracking service? If so, how can we access that information? What will happen if the shipment is damaged during shipping? Does your company include insurance coverage that will pay us for the value of this shipment? We will appreciate your sending us this information to our email address.