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Expedited Air cargo to Argentina

Posted by: Lauretta Ragazzo

I work for a company that is located at New York City, New York, United States, and I am making the shipping arrangements for an order we have just received. This order will require shipping by the transportation mode of expedited air cargo to Argentina. We are selecting expedited shipping because our customer has expressed the urgency of their receiving this shipment within the next few days. How soon will your company deliver this cargo to Argentina? The shipment will be ready for shipping by the middle of the week. If your company will be available by then, we can schedule a pickup. The cargo will be packaged within a crate that is 4 ft long, 2.5 ft wide, and 3 ft deep. The gross weight of this shipment will be 349 pounds. How much will our shipping charges be for this shipment? It is okay if this is only an estimate at this time. I appreciate your prompt response to this inquiry as we need to have the shipping arrangements complete as soon as possible. Thank you for providing this information.