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Expedited Air cargo to Luxembourg

Posted by: Toulouse Rancourt

I am here to ask for information about expedited air cargo to Luxembourg. This cargo will be enclosed in a wooden crate that will have the dimensions of 152 cm in length, 122 cm wide, and 125 cm deep. The weight will be 296 kilograms. The customer in Luxembourg has placed this order with a rush status. This means that we can only ship this cargo by an expedited air cargo method. So please, only send us information as it pertains to expedited air cargo. The point of origin for this shipment is from our facility at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Since you have the specifications for this cargo, can you provide us with an estimate of your shipping charges? Can you also include an estimate of when you will deliver this cargo to Luxembourg? Do you guarantee you will deliver it by that day? If the shipment is delayed for any reason, do you notify us immediately? This is important so that we may notify our customer. Is tracking information available for this shipment? Thank you for sending this information to us as soon as possible.