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One time Air cargo to Jordan

The Customer Care Initiative
Posted by: Jenny Geis

Our business, The Customer Care Initiative, is a full service concierge business that caters to the needs of our clients, be it by getting hard to get tickets to a concert or an event, or making that impossible to snag dinner reservation. We are going to be moving our offices from Sudan to Jordan and are looking for a company that can help with our air cargo in the move. We have already decided to use air shipment as our mode of transport as we believe it will be the faster, but please let us know if this is not the case and you think there is a faster, but still reliable, way to do this. We will need all of our office furniture moved, including the furniture and the supplies and files. We would also like to have help with both the packing and unpacking of our items so that everything is done quickly and we can avoid a long down time with the move.