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Air freight cargo to Haiti

At Your Doorstep Unlimited
Posted by: Jamie Mullen

At Your Doorstep Unlimited is an exclusive gift basket company that ships special surprises to anyone you see fit around the globe, but it for a birthday or a anniversary. We are based out of long Island, New York but ship to pretty much anywhere (within our service area, of course). We have currently opened up our services to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We need to find a shipping company that can ship to Port Au Prince, Haiti via air freight cargo planes. The contents of our baskets vary, but they can include things like chocolates, wine, fine cheeses, gourmet crackers and small gifts. We do not typically sell flowers, but we do have some partnerships with florists in some service areas so will occasionally be shipping flowers with these gift baskets as well. Please respond with your price quotes for these kind of shipments and what type of shipping speeds you offer.