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Expedited Air cargo to Guam (US)

Posted by: Delmira Guadalupe

I am arranging a shipment for my employer here in Mexico City, Mexico, and I need some information about shipping expedited air cargo to Guam (US). This is a rush order that is destined for the United States military base at Guam (US). Since the items are nearly ready for shipping, I must ask when you can schedule a pickup time at our facility? Do you require an advanced notification before you can make that schedule? Once you have picked up the cargo, when will you deliver it to Guam (US)? Do you provide a means to track this cargo while it is in transit? Can we access this tracking information online? Or do you provide some other method to access it? If you have a current rate sheet, will you send that to my email address with the rest of your company' shipping information? I really appreciate your sending me this information. This is the first international shipment that I have prepared for my boss, so I want everything to go well. Thank you so much for this.