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crestandco ltd

CRESTANDCO LTD will need an air freight company to enter into an agreement at a competetive rate in mid June; the first shipment will weigh around 30,000kg and within three months we hope to ship around 400,000kg on a weekly basis and then increase this quantity by around 20% every month. Please could you provide us with your rates for these quantities. We are happy to sign a contract to agree to use your company as our only freight service in Gambia and to guarantee that we will use the service on a weekly basis for the above quantities provided the rates are competitive. We will do this through our representative in Gambia Ms Aji Touray. Copies of our Memorandum, Articles of association and Certificates of Incorporation can be provided on request to prove our legitimacy, I look forward to hearing your response and do not hesitate to contact me for further information i.e. in regard to volumes ect, All the best